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BSL = BS! [Jul. 16th, 2009|08:41 pm]
Toronto Activists Community


Enough is enough! Unite with dog lovers to show the government we are DONE with BSL - Bull S#*t Laws!!!

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Shrine Circus Protest at Woodbine Centre July 11th 2009 [Jul. 7th, 2009|02:22 am]
Toronto Activists Community
Boycott Animal Circuses!
Torontonians Against Animals in the Circus will be protesting the Shrine Circus at Woodbine Centre (near Woodbine Race Track on Rexdale Blvd.) on Saturday July 11th beginning at 2:30pm.

Date: Saturday, July 11, 2009
Time: 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Location: Woodbine Shopping Centre
Street: 500 rexdale blvd

What's wrong with the Shrine Circus?

Shrine Circuses have deplorable records of cruelty to animals, serious violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act, and animal attacks resulting in injury and even death. Elephants used by Shriners have rampaged, killing trainers and injuring children. Although many successful charitable organizations never use circus fundraisers, about 150 of Shrine's 191 temples host annual circuses. These circuses raise funds for the temples' administrative costs, not for the Shriners children's hospitals.

The Shriners do not operate their own traveling circus; instead Shrine temples produce circuses by hiring an existing circus (Tarzan Zerbini Circus). The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has cited Tarzan Zerbini for failure to provide a veterinary care program and medical records, failure to provide minimum space, and failure to properly maintain transport vehicles.

What's wrong with animals in the Circus?

Animals in circuses are beaten to make them perform tricks on command. If they do not perform properly, they are beaten some more. In cases where they snap and either run amok or attack someone, they are beaten again.

Protest details:
The circus is taking place inside a "big top" tent in the parking lot. Since this is private property, we will not be standing near the tent. The goal of the demo is to target the people entering the parking lot in their cars, or people walking on the sidewalk. Signs will be provided, most signs have large lettering to accommodate the cars driving by. There will also be 2 large banners to hold. Any questions can be directed to torontoanimalrights (at) ymail.com, you can also join our Facebook group.

TTC Directions:
37A Islington bus from Islington Station

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Not With My Taxes! - End Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt [Mar. 13th, 2009|11:54 am]
Toronto Activists Community

This is an extremely important event! Our tax dollars are supporting the largest slaughter of marine animals! IT'S TIME TO PUT AN END TO THIS!


Not With My Taxes! - End Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt
Saturday, March 14th, 2009
1:45pm - 3:00pm
Dundas Square
(SE corner of Yonge and Dundas in Toronto)

In order to try to make this the biggest and most inclusive anti-seal hunt rally we've ever had, this years event will feature "The Harper Seals" (see below poster) performing their hits "Don't Be Cruel" and "Stayin' Alive" to show Prime Minister Stephen Harper that Canadians want an end to the commercial seal hunt for the sake of the seals and the economy! Our MC for the event will be Toronto's Kimberly Carroll, Television Show Host from "Take This House and Sell It."

This is a family friendly event, and we hope that you will encourage your friends and families to attend, as we need to show the media, Canadian politicians, and the world abroad that ordinary Canadians are AGAINST the seal hunt!

Please take a look at our cute and silly promotional Youtube video that was made in NYC to get an idea of how our Toronto family friendly performance will look this Saturday, March 14th. The same performance will be taking place in Ottawa on Sunday March 15th.

Signs and placards will be handed out for the official presentation and "The Harper Seals" performance at 2pm. We will also have a tent set up from 10am - 3pm in Dundas Square with various activities for you to take part in: colouring (for kids), get your photo taken with our seal mascots, read about the seal hunt, get signs and leaflets to distribute to the public, and sign the petition against the commercial seal hunt.

Animal Alliance will also be present with a video camera to record people who wish to send a video message to the EU countries calling for ban on Canadian Seal products.

Phone: (416) 536-2308
Email: edickson@ifaw.org

If you have a facebook account, then please go to this event page for details and RSVP here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=logo#/event.php?eid=57079626566
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Next week! [Jan. 23rd, 2009|09:28 pm]
Toronto Activists Community


All the delicious baked goods are VEGAN + gluten-free options are available!
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Is your dog worth a dollar? [Jan. 15th, 2009|02:01 pm]
Toronto Activists Community


The constitutional challenge to represent the collective, national interest of responsible dog owners, is in dire straits.

We are $67,000 short of being able to get our voices heard in Canada's highest court,the Supreme Court.We have been granted an extension to come up with this amount, but just till the end of January 2009.


The Banned Aid Coalition, including the SBTCC and the DLCC, is begging everyone to meet the $1/dog challenge.

Please, if you can, just one loonie for every dog in your house right now. There are thousands of them out there.
Please forward to anyone who owns a dog. Just one dollar - that's all...

PAY PAL. Please go to www.doglegislationcouncilcanada.org and click on
the "Donate!" link for the Pay Pal tool.

You can also make an online payment from your financial institution's
website by sending a bill payment to
treasurer [!at] doglegislationcouncilcanada.org

Send cheques or money orders directly to Mr Ruby at the following

Ruby & Edwardh
11 Prince Arthur Ave.
Toronto, Ont.
416 964 9664

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Urgent Help needed for Pit Bulls! [Dec. 2nd, 2008|12:48 pm]
Toronto Activists Community

Please consider donating to Banned Aid to cover legal costs to stop legislation from enforcing tougher Breed Specific Legislation laws. BSL is BS!!

Current legislation surrounding the pit bull ban has recently escalated, and Banned Aid has 2 weeks to raise $100,000.00.

Since it 'tis the season, the perfect gift for any dog lover would be a donation in their name to help the cause. Please read "Urgent Help Needed for Pit Bulls" for more information & how you can help. http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=2233327809&topic=5987&ref=mf

All sales from any "I <3 Pitbulls" item from the Healing Heart shop will be donated 100% to the Dog Legislation Council Of Canada.
Healing Heart Designs

Buy Handmade
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Fur Free Friday! [Nov. 28th, 2008|01:29 am]
Toronto Activists Community

Hey Folks!

Tomorrow is an excellent world-wide holiday, Fur Free Friday!
Please join LOV - Liberty Over Violence tomorrow for a gory funeral procession to mourn the millions of lives lost to the fur industry each year. www.furkills.org

Facebook event details here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=35183468340
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Cuba Si! Embargo No! - A rally opposing American Imperialism, poverty and other issues [Apr. 19th, 2007|02:30 am]
Toronto Activists Community

Event Info
Name: JULIO 26
Tagline: Cuba si! Embargo No!
Host: dan
Type: Education - Lecture

Time and Place
Date: Thursday, July 26, 2007
Time: 11:00am - 7:00pm
Location: United States Consulate
Street: 360 University Avenue,
City/Town: Toronto, ON

Contact Info
Email: dstannet@uoguelph.ca

Revolution begins In the Heart. As revolutionary thinkers, we all carry a great deal of sadness in our hearts. We see the disparity and our stomachs sink and hearts ache. We have to channel this energy into action.
As revolutionary thinkers, we need to take a stance and show our disagreement with the economic embargo on Cuba, the war in Iraq, and to voice out concern and care for the impoverished people of Toronto, furthermore the world. Cuba has been an opponent of American imperialism for the last 30 or so years, let us rally for their efforts.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

P.S, I would like to remind everyone, this will be a PEACEFUL protest.

We are also pooling our resources for a few art peices and we are opent to suggestions. we are currently in the works of putting some pins together, and some other larger art pieces (flags, posters, etc).

I would like to remind everyone to please bring flags and other items of support.

A Message From Cuba:


I am Cuban I live here in Holguín, it is very good to know that you will make that of July 26, thank you for everything that will make, me and many other Cubans that we live here will be next to you in the thought. I am very proud of all you, all that you need of a Cuban that loves their island a lot, you can have our help,we will continue fighting to obtain better results. A hug from Cuba


Anyone interested in showing support is invited to come out on Thursday July 26, 2007!
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Great Canadian Meatout & Seal Hunt ceremony [Mar. 15th, 2007|02:00 pm]
Toronto Activists Community

Come celebrate Spring with W@H at our second annual Great Canadian Meatout!

Considering going vegetarian or vegan or maybe you want to convince a friend to kick the meat habit and live the herbivore life? Already veg*n? Concerned about animal rights?

Join us for a public drop-in vegan dinner and showing of Supersize Me!
WHEN: Tuesday March 20, 2007
TIME: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
WHERE: Harbourfront Community Centre, 627 Queens Quay West
$5 suggested donation or pay-what-you-can

A VEGAN buffet with lots of yummy food and desserts, an interesting and thought-provoking film, free literature, raffle prizes, good friends and good times! All are welcome. It is also W@H's one year anniversary so come on out and join us in celebrating our first birthday!

Stop by the Healing Heart Designs table to buy a button in support of Wild @ Heart!


Don't forget to join us for our Toronto seal hunt demonstration TONIGHT! Please wear black or dark colours as this is a candlelight 'funeral' for the 355,000+ seals who will be slaughtered during this year's hunt.

WHEN: Thursday March 15, 2007
TIME: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
WHERE: Southwest corner of Yonge & Dundas in front of the Eaton Centre.
Candles, posters, and leaflets provided.
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Protest against Bush. [Oct. 4th, 2006|10:53 pm]
Toronto Activists Community

Please note that there are a large number of protests planned against Bush across US and Canada this Thursday (October 5th). Toronto is one of the cities holding an event. The details, for anyone who is interested, are as follows:

12:00 Noon
City Hall-Nathan Phillips Square. March to U.S. Embassy

More details can be found online at the website http://worldcantwait.net.

(Not affiliated in any way... just thought I'd pass on the info to anyone interested.)
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